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As you know, iPhone and iPad haven’t fallen from the skies… but indeed were «created at Job’s garage». It means Apple products are not ideal as they might seem and can possibly crash and glitch as the rest of gadgets. If your iPhone won’t turn ON, read this article to the very last letter. Today we are going to review every possible cause of this problem and try to find a solution. Don’t panic, relax and keep reading…

If you dropped your iPhone form the balcony or washed it with a pair of jeans, I doubt this article will be a big help. Such a serious damage probably have just destroyed your iPhone. So you’d better stop guessing «Why won’t the iPhone turn on?» and take it to Apple Care services or repair center.

On the other hand, an iPhone cannot stop working for no obvious reason, probably something still happened to it. It’s not really possible to give a single solution for every case when iPhone woudn’t boot up. It all depends on symptoms coming from your iDevice and in this article we are going to cover the most common of them.

iPhone won’t turn on – permanent black screen

One of the most common problems is when iPhone turns off and not wishing to turn back on again. At the same time it may look like the phone doesn’t respond to any buttons. Whatever button you press the iPhone screen stays black. Usually this problem is caused by fully drained iPhone’s battery or frozen (stuck) iOS. In rare cases the firmware may get corrupted or some internal components fail,but we’ll talk about those a bit later. To sort out the problem when iPhone doesn’t wish to turn on, try to do the following steps.

Step 1 Connect the iPhone to a charger and leave it for at least 15 minutes. If the problem was caused by a drained battery, the iPhone will turn on automatically when the battery gets enough charge. If not, proceed to Step 2.
iPhone won't turn ON

Step 2 Press HOME + POWER buttons simultaneously and hold them for 15-20 seconds or until you see Apple logo on the iPhone screen. Then release buttons and wait for iOS to boot up.

Step 3 Sometimes it might be required to toggle the silent switch (located on the side of iPhone) On and Off few times before doing Step 2. No one can really tell why, but it helps in some cases.
iPhone silent switch

If none of these steps helped to turn the iPhone on, it might be because one of the following: some iPhone internal components failed, charger or USB cable failed. It’s time to find another charger and give it a try. Make sure the charger and the cable are 100% working.

It wasn’t a joke when I mentioned the charger/cable. I have recently dumped the Apple’s original USB cable since it would only charge my iPhone for up to 60%. The charging process would just stop at about 60% whatever iPhone we would connect. It looks like the cable was damaged during intense and not really careful usage. As a result the cable doesn’t let enough Amps trough any more. One more thing about chargers – TRY TO USE ONLY ORIGINAL APPLE CHARGERS if you really care about your iPhone. I can say from my own experience that cheap Chinese chargers are easy to melt down and even catch a fire. It concerns all kind of chargers (220V, 110V and 24V).

iPhone Application stopped working correctly (app freeze)

It’s also possible that some iOS Apps might freeze or stop properly working. In this case it may help if you force the App out of the device memory. To do so double press the HOME button to see all running apps, then swipe up in front of the frozen App. The problematic application will be removed from the memory and then you can try loading it ones again.
Frozen iOS application

This kind of problem usually occurs on older devices (such as iPhone 4S or iPad 3), and is caused by CPU overload or running out of RAM.

iPhone won’t respond to any buttons

I’ve had situations when my iPhone 4S would stop responding to any physical buttons (home, power, volume, etc.). At the same time the iPhone screen would reflect the image of the last used application. If you are experiencing the same problem, just do a Hard Reset of the iPhone. To do that press and hold HOME + POWERbuttons for about 15 seconds.

iPhone stuck in endless boot loop

Another “popular” problem is when iPhone stuck in Boot Loop. In more simple language, your iPhone tries to boot up but in the middle of the process it crashes and start booting over again… and again. Usually you would see an Apple logo on the screen for some time, then black screen, then logo again… and so on. Most common cause of the problem is failed iOS update, iPhone restore or crashed Jailbraking process. In most cases this problem can be sorted by running and restoring the iPhone in the RECOVERY MODE. To do so follow these steps:

Step 1 Start iTunes on the computer and plug in the USB cable (don’t connect iPhone to USB cable yet).
iPhone doesn't boot up

Step 2 Turn OFF the iPhone by holding HOME + POWER buttons until the screen goes black.

Step 3 Press and hold HOME button, then connect USB cable to iPhone.

Step 4 Keep holding the HOME button until you see iTunes logo and a cable connector image on the iPhone screen.
Start iPhone in recovery mode

Step 5 The message window will pop up in iTunes. Press Check button.
Restore iPhone in recovery mode

Step 6 Now you can either Restore or Update your iPhone. If your iPhone had been jailbroken, you MUST ONLY PRESS RESTORE button.
Starting iPhone in recovery mode

What to do if none of the above worked?

If none of the above solutions worked for your iPhone, there is one more thing to try – recover the iPhone in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. Follow the link for a step-by-step guide. It’s not complicated as it might look.

What? Still having problems with your iPhone or iPad? Then I would suggest you to visit an Apple Care specialist or at least some Phone Repair shop (in case Apple Care is not available in your region).

In this article I tried to gather all possible cases when iPhone won’t turn on or start up properly. I hope one of the solutions helped you to bring the phone back to life. If not, please describe the symptoms coming from your iPhone in comments below. We’ll try to find another solution for you.

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What to do if iPhone won’t turn on [Solution]
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